Serebryanaya Svadba (Серебряная Свадьба)

Genre: Freak cabaret

It’s unlikely that many people have thought hard about what a Slavic Edith Piaf might sound like, which is a shame considering how effectively Serebryanaya Svadba (Silver Wedding) vocalist Svetlana Ben provides an answer. The Minsk-based collective has one album – Laterna Magica – to its name, but its their live shows which really capture the imagination. At their best in a cramped, smoky bar, Ben and colleagues take the traditions of French chanson (not the bizarre Russian shanson, a totally different affair) and reignite them in all their strange glamour. Colourfully clad, and squeezing a host of instruments on to the stage – banjos, ukes and tubas all share the billing among the backing band – Serebryanaya Svadba live out their songs in theatrical fashion. That CD is worth hearing, but a live show is the best way to get to know this band in all its glory.

Myspace page in English

Livejournal page in Russian, but more often updated


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