Genre: Trip-hop

If Portishead was on the outskirts of Petersburg rather than the suburbs of Bristol, the band of that name might sound something like Rekevin. Named, somewhat oddly, after a suitcase, the band straddles the boundaries of trip-hop and lounge jazz and has earned rave reviews for its uncanny ability to reinvent the spirits of more illustrious names such as Massive Attack. Singing in English, admittedly, doesn’t always help their cause – lyrics like “She’s embarrassed, she’s so harrassed” swerve alarmingly close to sixth-form poetry. But, helped by the rare charm of vocalist Ksenia Zotova, Rekevin overcomes that hurdle comfortably enough and has a trio of well-received discs to its name, plus a host of critically acclaimed concert appearances.

website in Russian and English

Ksenia Zotova, singer with Rekevin, on stage in Kiev

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