Obe Dve (Ове Две)

Genre: pop-rock

Yekaterinburg’s Obe Dve have, since they first emerged at the 2010 Indyushata Festival for new bands, earned a surpringly strong reputation among the influential Afisha-reading crowd that seeks to shape Russian musical tastes. Surprising, since their music veers alarmingly close to the soundworld of the deeply unfashionable likes of Tatu – check out a track like “Vyshe Vsekh” (Higher than everyone), for example. Singer Katya Pavlova also looks like she would be perfectly at home playing the popstrel as well and yet, somehow, this band has escaped the stigma that attends so many pop acts. With a host of well-crafted pop songs, debut album “Znaesh, chto ya delala” (Do you know what I did?) is a short, sharp blast of perky ditties that is hard to dislike, while recent live performances suggest the band is gaining a rougher edge than before. If their music may seem disposal and at times lyrically trite, the strains of “More” (Sea) and “Mily” (Dear) lodge themselves firmly in the ears and prove stubbornly hard to shift. Russian pop that it isn’t embarrassing to like – by no means a bad thing.

website in Russian only


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