Lampa Ladino

Genre: Sephardic ballads, jazz, world

The music of the Sephardic Jews of the Iberian peninsular is reinvented in a contemporary, jazz-inflected context by this Moscow-based band. It’s not a historical recreation of this music, as the band itself makes clear, but instead uses a wide range of influences – from ancient to contemporary – to take these romances and put them into a 21st-century context. Interpretations range from jazz to rock, via different hints of world music, but are united by the use of the Judeo-Hispanic Ladino language and the source material. The band was set up in 2005 by Grigory Sandomirsky, a pianist and organist who developed a fascination for Sephardic music after unearthing a treasure trove of recordings. He was joined by jazz vocalist Svetlana Svirina, and in 2011 released its first CD, Esto Es Mundo.

website in English, for up-to-date news and concert schedules see the Russian pages.


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