Jenia Lubich (Женя Любич)

Zhenya Lubich with Nouvelle Vague at Glavclub, St. Petersburg

Genre: singer/songwriter
For many, Lubich enjoys two claims to fame: her collaboration with French lounge-jazzers Nouvelle Vague, and her Youtube smash “Russian Girl”. But there’s rather more to this Petersburg-based singer than covers of new wave classics and songs which play with clichéd images of Russia as a land of vodka and bears. While that’s what has brought her to wider notice, it’s her extensive catalogue of self-penned songs that seems likely to keep her on the scene. Her 2011 debut Russian release “C’est la Vie” offers rather more depth than the internationally-popular “Russian Girl”, and brings hint of the French “chanteuse” style which has seen her described as the “Russkaya Frantsuzenka” (Russian French girl). Stand out tracks include the reflective “Galaktika”. On stage she’s a regular performer at venues such as Masterskaya and Gogol.

website in Russian

Youtube page


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