Arkona (Аркона)

Genre: pagan metal

Fronted by one of the few authentic female exponents of the death metal growl, and combining the raw energy of hard rock with echoes of Slavic folk music, Arkona cut a distinctive path through the Russian music scene. With lyrics hymning the glories of Ancient Rus and the dawnings of Slav culture, the band has had its run-ins with the authorities over allegations of extremism – a St Petersburg gig was abruptly halted by a police raid in 2009. But this is far from the theatrical hatred of some elements of Baltic black metal: frontwoman Masha “Scream” Arkhipova is a student of early Russian history, and especially its music. That has led to fruitful collaborations with the likes of Vedan Kolod on the most recent album, “Slovo” (Word) – a release which brought a noticeably softer, more cinematic tone. For hard-rocking, go back to 2009’s “Goi, Rode Goi”, and get a load of the beast of a title track.

website Russian and English


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