Alevtina (Алевтина)

Genre: folk rock

Alevtina Leontieva, sometime vocalist with folk-rock powerhouse Melnitsa, decided to leave the band and carve out a solo career in 2009. Musically that didn’t lead to big changes – her sound remains close to the sound of “Zov Krovi”-era Melnitsa, and her live shows have been known to incorporate songs from that release, most notably “Polnoluniye”. Her debut album, “Tanets Perekhoda”, stands up reasonably well against Melnitsa’s own “Dikiye Travi” of the same year, but while it’s pleasant listening – and Alevtina is blessed with a good voice, which she describes as “therapeutic” – it lacks the truly memorable tracks that would make it a classic. On stage, she’s a regular and popular performer at Russia’s many folk-flavoured festivals.

website in Russian


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