Turkey-hunting season


The “Indushyata” festival is one of the biggest events for unsigned bands, and in recent years it’s featured more than a few names familiar to regular readers of this blog. Acts like Jenia Lubich, Kira Lao and the now silent Obe Dve all got their break at this annual autumn event. And once again, as the evenings darken and the hockey season gets underway, Moscow’s thinking music-lovers are off on a hunt for new “turkeys” – the festival’s name referencing both poultry and a coincidental sound-alike from the English “indie”

It’s a show which has typically crossed genres and has extended its search for talent increasingly deep into the provinces, and this year’s edition is going, if you’ll forgive the cliché, back to the USSR with an assortment of bands from former Soviet republics. The organizers point out that the first Indyushata festival was held back in 1990, when the USSR still held sway over the Caucasus and Central Asia, so it’s high time that the festival returned to its more diverse roots.

As a result, this year’s show has bands from Georgia (Asea Cool), Ukraine (Sezon Zagona), Uzbekistan (All Tomorrow’s Parties) and Kazakhstan (Moi Dekabr). Back in Russia, Devarazashakur represents the burgeoning scene in Yekaterinburg, while acts from Voronezh (Banana Bis, pictured) and Chelyabinsk bring the sound of the oft-overlooked industrial heartlands to the Moscow stage. With a wide range of acts on offer, it’s unlikely that any guest will enjoy every band – but equally unlikely that audiences will find nothing to interest them.

The festival runs over two nights at 16 Tons, with performances starting at 8 pm on Sep. 9 and 10. Cover is 400r on the door.


2 thoughts on “Turkey-hunting season

    1. It’s about 8 quid, maybe a bit more at the current exchange rate. Generally there’s not a lot of money in it for bands at this level – most people I know who are involved in the underground scene are doing it part time and using a day job to pay the rent.

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