Haunting vocals and fascinating fusion

Инна-Желанная_2Inna Zhelannaya is one of those special performers who seem to be equally confident whether backed with looped samples or ancient Siberian wind instruments. Her music is a beguiling fusion of styles, centred firmly on Slavic folk traditions and held together with a beautiful siren-like voice. And, whether on a club stage, like Saturday’s show, or in the exalted surroundings of the Moscow International House of Music, she can be relied upon to produce a great show.

Saturday’s gig at the Alexei Kozlov club, which lurks in the shadow of the hulking Olimpiisky complex at Prospekt Mira, is a rare break from a busy summer festival season to give Moscow audiences a chance to hear her in the company of her regular four-piece backing band. And, as befits a performer who has been producing great tracks which blur the boundaries between world music, jazz and even techno, there’s a vast repertoire to draw upon for the show. For a sample of her more recent work, check out ‘Bai‘ – or better still get along and have a listen for yourself.

Inna Zhelannaya plays the Alexei Kozlov Club (m. Prospekt Mira) on Saturday, June 29, at 8pm. Tickets are 500r in advance, 700r on the door.


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