Come back here for a list of the bands we’ve written about.

Alphabetical list (band names transliterated into English as required)

Alevtina on-stage at Dikaya Myata in 2009

Alevtina folk-rock

Arkona pagan metal (Moscow)

Deti Picasso B2 album launch

Deti Picasso folk-rock, art-rock (Moscow / Yerevan / Budapest)

kitaisky lyotchik stage

Iva Nova folk-rock fusion (St. Petersburg)

Kira Lao psychdelic rock, darkwave (Moscow)

Lampa Ladino Sephardic ballads, jazz, world (Moscow)

Leningrad ska-funk (St. Petersburg)

Jenia Lubich singer/songwriter (St. Petersburg)

Moon Far Away neo-folk, darkwave (Arkhangelsk)

Obe Dve pop-rock (Yekaterinburg)

Rekevin trip-hop, lounge jazz (Moscow)

Rubl rock (St. Petersburg)

Serebryanaya Svadba freak cabaret (Minsk)

Surtsey Sounds instrumental, neo-classical (St. Petersburg)

Vedan Kolod folk (Krasnoyarsk)


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